Wizualizacje nie są oficjalnymi i nie przedstawiają projektu będącego aktualnie w realizacji (obecnie pod nazwą Elektrownia Powiśle, dawniej pod nazwą EC Powiśle)

The images shown are not official and do not present the project currently being implemented (under the name Elektrownia Powiśle, formerly known as EC Powiśle)


As it is common with landscape architecture design presentations, the emphasis in these visualizations was placed both on the overall ambience – lots of people giving a lively feel; and the detail – adequate representation of specific species of plants or urban equipment with only a subtle hint of the architecture design itself (leaving it marked as volumes or with faded colours).

The project itself evolves around 4 thematical squares: history, nature, technology, Vistula River square, that accompany this huge housing and shopping project in the centre of Warsaw. The lot being an old power and heating plant with some buildings standing til this day and being incorporated in the project.