Dom w Lanckoronie



1.1. Purpose and user program of the building.

The project includes a family house, with two residential floors and an attic, situated on a picturesque hillside overlooking the mountains and the historic town of Lanckorona. The program featured has been adapted for a 4-person family with a clear division into a day and night zone, and therefore the house divided into two floors.

A large living room with fireplace, kitchen and dining area constitute the daily zone. There is an access to the breakfast terrace on the ground level from both th living and the dining room or kitchen. Moreover, the living room has a separate observation deck.
The night zone includes the parents bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, with a beatiful mountain view and a direct access to the mountain grassy slope. It is also in the night zone that the children section has been situated – in the form of 2 bedrooms and a separate bathroom. From the main hallway of the lower tier one can access the lower terrace, that takes a form of a patio, open at the spectacular mountain views. In addition, the house has a practical utility room in the attic and a guest room.


2.1. Building’s form and function.
A family house, residentianl, mixed volumes covered with a gable roof of 38 degrees slope and a flat, so-called ‚green’ roof over the wing entrance. The building is located along the slope of the plot, oriented west, open to the surrounding landscape. For the elevation of +0.00 m a ordinate 420.00 m over the sea level has been adopted.

3.1. The structural design.
Single-family building with a partial basement, 2-storey with an attic. Brick structure of reinforced concrete floors in a mixed system. The max spans are 31.20 x 19.85 m in floor plan, max elevation height (in accordance to the local legislation) of 10 m. The assumed depth of soil frost penetration h = 1.40 m.